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What Is Compounding And The Advantages Of It
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What Is Compounding And The Advantages Of It

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Compounding is an old traditional method of making medication prescribed by the doctor or the general physician. Although, at the time of its peak popularity, compounding was one of the only ways medicines were taken and medication being distributed. This is how the compounding of medicines usually work. The first step is the prescription of the drug by the doctor. Your general doctor would check your health and prescribe the medication you would have to purchase from the drug store. After the doctor prescribes the required medication, you would have to submit the slip to a pharmaceutical store that will have to compound this medicine for you. Link here provide a high standard of medicines that will suit your needs.

At one point in time, nearly all medication was made this way, where every patient would have their medicines made for them through the methods of compounding. It is during the 1960’s that mass drug production began, diminishing the need for compounded medicines and maximizing the popularity of common drugs that everybody would come to use whether the drug works or not. However, recent times have been noticed to bring back the science of compounding medication specifically for your need and down below are some of the reasons for it. This article will discuss the reason for the comeback of the art and science of compounding as well as some of the specialities of it.


The advantages of compounding are not one, but many. They key advantage is that these compounded medications are tailored specifically for the individual requesting for it, meaning that these medicines are made taking into consideration the amount required for the strength of the drug, the number of times the medicine has to be taken in a day, added flavours of the medicine if the requesting individual is a child to ease the process of ingesting medicines. The way in which these medicines are to be taken are also considered by the chemist during the process of compounding. If the patient finds it difficult to swallow a capsule, the method of consuming the medicine could be altered to an easier way.

Goal of Compounding

The main goal for the use of compounding when compared to the ‘one drug for all’ medication is that the compounded drugs are specially made for them and would have a greater effect on the overall health of the individual, helping him / her to get better faster. The pharmacy Melbourne would compound the right medicine for you. These are some of the features and some of the advantages of compounded drugs against the more conventional way of consuming medicines.

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