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Types Of Dental Implants
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Types Of Dental Implants

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There were times when it was difficult to imagine that the tooth gone would ever come back. Medical science kept working on the retrieval of the lost teeth until the dentures and the bridges were introduced. Things became really sophisticated with the passage of time. The recent dental solutions are seen in the form of the implants. Although the implants are an artificial option but they look very similar to the real teeth. After losing the tooth the cosmetic dentistry Chatswood would suggest the patient to get an implant in its place. What he will do in the procedure is that he will use the screw like body and fix it into the gum. After it is properly done a tooth like structure that is very much similar to the real ones. 

The implants started like something very simple. Over the last few things they have become really very sophisticated. Once the implant gets settled into the gum along with the natural teeth it becomes a part of the rest of the teeth. Hence, it looks the part of it.

Depending on the condition the doctor would suggest that which implant would suit the patient more than the other type. The implants are chosen according to the tooth lost and the personal requirements. The important classifications of the implants that we would often witness are as follows:

The most common and the simplest form of the implants are the Endosteal better dental implants. The implantation requires a simple procedure. In only two sittings the implant can be completed. These titanium based screws are implanted through the surgical procedure. Once the screw gets completely fixed into the jawbone it can be covered with the artificial tooth. As the implant is fixed through surgery therefore it would take some time before it can be practically used. The doctor has to check the health and strength of the jawbone before actually implanting the replacement. If the jawbone is weak it is not recommended.

If you don’t want the screws to be fixed into the jawbone then there is a better option for the doctors. It is called the subperiosteal dental implant. They consist of a metal framework instead of the screws. The placement is even easier as they are not fixed into the jawbone. Instead they are simply placed on the jawbone. As they are under the bone therefore they cannot be seen. The doctors usually suggest this option if the oral health of patient is not satisfactory and he has a weaker jawbone. The healing time is even much less than the traditional implants.

It is not necessary that all implants are for everyone. It depends on the condition of the jawbone and the oral health. The ultimate advice has to be from the dentist.

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